BMW E34 M5

The E34 series is in my opinion one of the last good looking BMWs(ok, except the E46 facelift), and the last proper drivers 5 series. With it’s retro-ish looks, that ran in the family in the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, minimum driving aids and luxury all over, I’ll always like it. Therefore, me being me, I decided to have fun with one(M5 for the full effect) and see what I can come up with. Granted, this was done a few years ago, when I was still developing my current style, so you can call it tame compared to my latest works.

BMW E34 M5 digital photoshop render

Looking from the outside, it’s fairly subtly modified. No widebody or big wings a crazy aero. A subtle mod to the factory M5 bumper to allow more air to the radiator and oil cooler, and a carbon fiber hood, matched to the carbon mirrors is all there is.

Referenced to the early years of Japan and the Bosozoku movement, the hoses from the oil cooler have been routed through the hole in place of the long beam headlight, foolishly not held together with hose straps. The yellow light are an homage to the GT class endurance cars of the 80s and 90s, since the car came from that period.

For the engine, it would be an S38 with no mods, except perhaps a straight pipe exhaust routed to the back, since it’s just fine as is,the way it came from the factory.
Suspension was, it’s static, siting low on BC racing coilovers with M5 brakes and a set of yet undecided wheels on slightly stretched tires.


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