BMW E46 3xxi TurboTouring

I was never really fond of tourings(or estates), since I always saw them as something people that want something practical and, well, family people, drive. Well, my opinion changed when I got a hold of one and realized that they can be cool and look as good as any other car, so it’s a shame there aren’t more tuned tourings, especially because they can make a hell of a good sleeper. As mentioned in my E34 M5 article, I like the facelifted E46, and thetouring has been one of those cars I liked from the start, and because I hope to get one in the future, I decided to give it a shot at making one, just for the fun of it.

BMW E46 3xxi TurboTouring

The car received subtle modifications on the outside, as well as the inside, with the biggest change being in the performance department. The only two changes on the outside are the removed roof racks and the massively vented front bumper.

On the front, there is an eye catching doodle stickerbomb applied to the bumper, which is also one of my doodles, along the twin round vents, which aid brake cooling, as well as one large opening for the air to air intercooler. Also, to compliment the look, a tow hook has been added as well.

In the performance department, an S54 swap for a E46 M3 provides the go, with added ponies gained by a reasonable Precision Turbo PT5531 turbocharger. Handling is taken care of with bags, courtesy of Air Lift and their 3H system, while the semi slick Toyo wrapped Rotiform LVS in the front and SSR MkII’s at the back are resposible for the steering and burnouts. The stopping power is from 4pot StopTech’s all round.


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