Porsche 911 RS

This one was done  for a competition over on Autemo. Even though the 911 hasn’t changed it’s shape that much since it’s birth, which was over 50 years ago, there are differences that make up each model. The 90s 993 series is the last air cooled and last hand built model, which makes it that more special. In my opinion, this is the last of the old school Porsches, with that recognizable ridge on the fenders, that house the headlights, and also one of the prettiest series. The way I went with it was a mix of modern and old, trying to tie in the various periods of the 911 over the years.

Darin Schnabel
Porsche 911 RS

The most noticeable thing is the missing front bumper and the big air scoop on the roof. The reason behind both is the same. Turbocharging. Since there are more modern 911’s around, the engine would be from the monstruous 997 gen 911 GT2 RS, keeping it in the RS family. The front provides cooling of the engine, both water and oil, while the roof scoop helps cool the rear mounted intercooler. The water lines are routed throughout the cabin, while the oil lines going through the hole instead of the headlight is routed to the back via the passenger side door sill.

The exterior is further changed with a custom widebody kit, front BBS turbofans, which are a hommage to the 935 and super wide Fusch’s at the back. Handling is taken care of ny KW Variant 3 coilovers and it stops using 6 pot carbon ceramic Brembos in the front, and 4pot in the back.

In the interior department, a full race surroundings with some much  needed modern touches, the most important being the display in the place of the rear view mirror. Because of the large scoop and non-existent outer mirror, there is a small camera at the back of the car , which projects an image to the display. Something found in the endurance racers of today, as well as some modern road cars.


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