Volvo 240 DriftBrick

Volvos are the type of car every parent wants to get for their kid, since it’s super safe and basically indestructible. It’s also the type of car the kids don’t want their parents to get them,  since, in stock form, they’re not the best looking car around. It’s the type of car your grandparents would drive around. Taking all that in consideration, I was intrigued to see if a 240 could be a good looking car, and I think I managed to make something that would please both the parents and their kids.

Volvo 240 DriftBrick

Minty green with a huge Killagram chassis mount spoiler, this one has an immediate recognition. As most of my cars, it’s a track spec car, with remaining street usability, so there is a rear mount radiator, cooled by the twin intakes on the rear quarter windows, a turbo and a Volvo 5 cylinders in the front.

The body is widened by unpainted FRP flares, the rear is shaved and cut, so the double exhaust can fit above the low and big carbon diffuser.

Also, for a modern touch, there are custom LED lights on each corner with a Swedish flag between them.

Wheels are an Audi and Enkei mash up, with fronts being Audi S1 concept centerlocks, while the rear are Enkeis. As always, wrapped around Toyo R888 and hanging on KW Variant 3 coilovers, stopped by giant AP racing brakes. There is also an extra 2pot Wilwood brake caliper for occasional drifts.


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