Dodge Viper GTS

As with the Porsche, this was also an Autemo competition submission. Last gen Viper is the most aggressive looking one and serves as a good template foe tuning. Even though Vipers are notorious for being nose heavy, because of that huge V10 up front, and overall not so worthy handling, it makes it all up in the presence and uniqueness of the whole package.
As I’m a racing fan, both looks and everything else, I thought up something that might improve the already good looking, as well as performing GTS.

Dodge Viper

The engine would be left mostly as is, since it’s stock 645hp are more than enough. However, the exhaust is modified to a Dutch Supercar style side exit exhaust and the breathing is enhanced by the use of 10 individual throttle bodies. Something else that change is the sound it makes. The ECU would receive a tune, in order to raise the rpm limit to 7000, as well as full forged internals, to match the raised limit, since they’re are known to be weak past 6500 rpm. Transmission wise, the 6 speed sequential Hewland gearbox transfers power to a Quaife LSD diff and Driveshaft Shop axles. ACR brakes and suspension are good from the factory, so they serve the cause here.

Color matched carbon fiber bonnet(hood), carbon fiber rear diffuser and splitter add to the looks, along side the large over fenders in the rear, which are, in a sort of drift style, held by zip ties, while fronts are integrated in the bonnet. Large Enkei wheels provide the rolling action, and are wrapped in Toyo R888 tyres. The doors are cut in order to fit the Dutch Supercar style side exit exhaust, and because of that, the roof was also cut,  towards the middle of the car, like the Ford GT40.

Interior would keep all the luxuries, with added half cage and full bucket seats with 5 point harnesses and a deep dish wheel. There is also a hydro E-brake, for the looks, as well as drifts. The shifter would be a custom short shift piece, with a large base, made from billet aluminium.



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