Ford F 1 TT HotRod

Like the Porsche and Viper, this is also an Autemo competition entry.
The idea behind this car was to make something different, that’s all I’m going to say, no usual intro and that kind of stuff. The car speaks for itself.

Ford F1 TT HotRod
Ford F1 TT HotRod

It features an external mount Garrett twin turbo system with K&N filters mounted to a 3.4l stroked 2JZ engine.  Considering most builds are now LS, with the moto “LS everything“, I though the 2J provided the much needed freshness to the scene, even though it’s also a popular swap. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’s something that will make you take a second look, and that’s what I was after(as well as great sound and BOV noises, I love BOV nosises).

On the front, the grill has been removed in order to fit a large intercooler, and an external oil cooler in the place of the passenger side headlight, while the driver side headlight is moved back a little. The cooling is sorted by moving the Mishimoto radiator to the back and in the truck bed.

As for the wheels, on the front are Shelby centerlocks wrapped in whitewalls for the street, while the wide rears are wrapped in Hoosier drag slicks for added grip. The ride height is sorted by AirLift bags.

The stripped out interior is supplemented with a roll cage, while the exterior paint is a natural patina with a WW2 bomber theme.


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