Toyota Brupra

A modern legend. A tuners and Japanese car enthusiast dream. The Toyota Supra. A beast from the factory with unlimited tuning potential. I have seen a lot of variations of it, but only a few with front end swaps(TopSecret and the Evil Empire drift build). In the time of making this one, I was very interested in front end swaps. The most common being the S13 and 14 Silvia, with the S13.4, S13.5, S14.5 and some other variations, as well as the Boss kit, were all an inspiration to do this. The deal breaker was someones Honda MPV with an R34 front end, and that’s when I really said let’s give it a go.

Toyota Brupra
Toyota Brupra

My interpretation of the Supra is something you will other love or hate. The immediate, “in your face”, thing about it is the front end swap. I love the look of the Supra and I love the look of it’s younger relative, the GT86, especially that mean “look” the front has. The lights are taken from Killagram’s car and they fit the whole look of the car very well.

The name came from merging the Supra name and the GT86’s twin brothers name, the BRZ, resulting in the Brupra.

There is a drift spec widebody, left unpainted, a large and wide chassis mount spoiler and absolutely empty front.Being a mainly drift setup, Wisefab kit is in use, to give that much needed angle. It’s sitting low on much cambered Rotiform LVS monoblocks in the front and wide 3 piece LVS’s in the back.

Interior is of course a race spec environment, with the full bucket seats, hydro E-brake and full cage being in place of all the usual stuff found inside. There are a couple of added gauges and a deep dish three spoke steering wheel, all in front of a custom carbon fiber dash.

Engine wise, the 2J was out, and ended up in the Ford HotRod, so the engine from this crazy thing served it’s purpose. The quad turbo setup is a twin bi-turbo compound setup, with the first 3 cylinders driving one small turbo, which feeds the bigger one on the front and the other 3 doing the same with the second pair of turbos. Cooling would be obviously transferred to back, because of the lack of space, and the huge FMIC nestled in the bash bar. Transmission would be a sequential six speed, that transfers the power to the Winters quick change diff. The side exit exhaust would certainly provide the sideways flamethrower fun, as well as the required noise levels.



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