Honda City Tll

This little Japanese kei car is done for personal pleasure in my usual aggressive style. Looking back in time, small cars always had a certain appeal to me, as I think that everything can be made to look good, so it’s a shame there isn’t that many people who basically go nuts with anything that’s small. Also, being small, they’re super light and can be very fun to drive with just some basic mods(which this one obviously doesn’t have).

Honda City TII
Honda City Tll


On the outside, some large changes have been done. The body was widened with FRP overfenders held in place by zip ties. Overfenders provide a nice home for the cambered 15″ turbofan BBS wheels at the front and wide SSR MkII’s in the rear, all wrapped in Toyo R888 semi-slicks. For the aero, there is a carbon fiber ductail rear spoiler and a carbon chin lip at the front and a single lightweight carbon fiber driver mirror.

On the inside, a race prepped interior is where the driving is done. The driver is sat in an carbon OMP bucket seat with custom embroidered 02turbo logo and held in place by Takata 5 point harness. Around the driver, there is a full custom 8 point cage, streching all the way to the suspension turrets in the front.

Power is handled by a F20C turbocharged engine out of an S2000 and is transfered to the rear wheels using a rear drive conversion. Gearing is taken care of by a 6 speed short shift S2000 item, while the diff is LSD, so you can throw it around corners if you want, but it’s main purpose would be time attack.


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