Mercedes C63 AMG Hatch

Mercedes has some great estates in their lineup, and with their AMG versions the manage to merge the everyday practicality with top of the line performance. One of those is the C63 AMG wagon, that’s powered by the 6.2 liter N/A V8, which is the last N/A c63 AMG, making it a bit special. This luxury wagon was something I wanted to do for a while. I love estates and I love coupes, so I was interested in seeing how the too went together.

Mercedes C63 AMG Hatchback
Mercedes C63 AMG Hatch


The main feature is the two(three) door conversion. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be like that, but in the end I was satisfied with it, so I left it like that. Apart from that, the exterior is further modified by adding a subtle wide body with vented front arches for added brake cooling. The already aggressive look is made more aggressive using a Gallardo GT3 carbon diffuser and huge exhaust. There is also a small went in the tailights.
For the wheels, the front items are Lancia Delta Group B replicas, while the rears are BBS with custom barrels and they are wrapped in Toyo R888 tyres. Taking in consideration the whole theme of the car, I chose frozen black(similar look to BMWs frozen gray),  giving it that sinister look it deserves.

Engine is a beast of it’s own, with plenty of grunt, so that’s left as is, with the addition of a custom exhaust. Brakes are upgraded to the Carbon Ceramic units found in the SLS AMG and the suspension would go to Air Lift bags, bringing both sportiness and comfort in to the mix.


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