Tesla S P90D LS1 supercharged

Electric cars are the future. Something that is already here, so you could say that were living in the future. They are fast,silent and packed with technology, which is, you’ll have to admit pretty cool. Yes, for a tech geek or someone who is not a proper petrolhead.

Electric has it’s benefits, but nothing can beat the sound of a finely tuned engine singing at high RPM’s while carving mountains or chasing that half a second at the track. That final sentence is exactly the reason I made the petrol powered Tesla, which is, something you’ll either love or hate.

Tesla S P90D Petrol
Tesla Model S P90D Petrol

Nothing much to say about the mods. It has a widebody kit which is integrated into the fenders, with fronts being vented. The wheels are super wide WORK items, taken from Nakai-san’s RWB. The nice guys at Mclaren provided the P1 diffuser and there is a big spoiler on the trunk lid. In between the two is a center exit twin exhaust, that is used to let the front mounted stroked and supercharged LS1 breathe properly. Also, one thing that would bother a lot of people would be the coupe conversion with side went instead of the windows(needed for the rear mount radiator or the electric motor in the track spec electric).

As teased in the last sentence, all of the electric stuff would be out and converted to fossil fuels. Noise making would be the task of an LS1, which would be whining thanks to a supercharger. Power would be sent over to the 7 speed, rear mounted, paddle shift operated Hewland transmission, which would pass it over to the electronically controlled LSD . Suspension would  be provided by KW, and would be adaptive, while the stopping would be handled by giant carbon discs and 6 pot front, 4 pot back, AP racing calipers.

Interior would be a hybrid of the street and track, with the bucket seats and deep dish being in the front, as well as the stock dash(that huge screen is awesome). The rear would be home to a half cage.

That would be mine, meaning I would like that kind of Tesla. I have done a few other green versions, for those that would like to keep it electric, but like the looks.


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