DeTomaso Pantera LM

The most radical and powerful racers,apart from F1, were the LM racers, especially in the 70s. Very little aero, super light and super powerful, these cars blasted the Mulsanne straight in excess of 400km/h. The most recognizable point of the cars-wide rear wheels and longtail rear ends.

The DeTomaso I have done is a tribute to the LM racers of it’s time, being built in the 70s and a hint of modern LM racers with lots od aero, as well as power, for the guys over at StanceIsEverything, go check them out.

DeTomaso Pantera LM
DeTomaso Pantera LM

The DeTo as I like to call it is still powered by a Ford V8, but instead of the carbed version, it’s a modern twin-turbo unit, giving it both power and reliability. The longtail rear end is home to a huge carbon diffuser from the latest 911RSR, while the intake is a hint to the “finned” modern LM racers. For the suspension,  KW provided a fully adjustable set at all 4 corners and for the braking, a carbon ceramic compound is used, making traction with the 6 pot calipers all round. Gearbox is a 7 speed sequential, operated using paddle shifts, and being a rear engine, rear drive car, it’s a transaxle, meaning the electronically controlled diff is in the same housing as the gears.

There are no rear view mirrors, since the rear fin is also host to a camera, which projects an image to the on-board display, which is also used for giving the driver much needed info on the car(fuel, various temps, rpm, speed). Steering is done from the full carbon bucket seat, which is snugly mounted in the 6 point cage equipped race trim interior and turning the three spoke deep dish SPARCO steering wheel with some buttons and swithces mounted on it.

Traction issues are solved using TC(can be switched off or regulated) and super sticky slick tires measuring 18×9 in the front and 20×11 in the back with 02turbo tire lettering. Wheels aren’t center locks as you’d expect, rather, they are regular 5 bolt, making it easier to find ones that look good, since this would be used for the street as well(yes, it’s street legal).


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