Volvo S40 T5 R design

Volvos aren’t generally considered cool cars, because of the safety aspect that surrounds them as has been the go-to point for Volvo from the start. However, as I once said, I like the underdogs and I believe that every car can be made to look good(yes, even the Multipla). A it turns out, the owner of this one is a like minded people, coming to me with the words “I want to do something nobody has ever done to a S40”, and I agree with him. There are modded ones,  but not in a way his is going to be.

Volvo S40 T5 R design
Volvo S40 T5

He’s the type of car guy that thinks about the car whenever he can and knows exactly what he want, how he wants it and where he wants it, so it was a pleasure to do this render for him.

The idea was simple. Make something wide, low and bad ass. Even though S40s are not the ideal platform for tuning, because if the lack of parts, thanks to the wonders of universal parts, we made it work.

Sitting on air, it’s certainly low, there’s no doubt about it. On the ends of the custom struts sit Cosmis Racing XT-206R, measuring 18×9.5 on all four corners, wrapped in 02turbo lettered semi slicks and safely tucked under the Clinched bolt on flares. There is a custom carbon fiber splitter up front, custom carbon fiber side diffuser, as well as APR GT500 carbon fiber wing at the back.

Since the car is slightly tuned in the engine department, in order for the air to get colder, there is a large front mount intercooler hiding behind the front bumper. Just above it, the grill was removed and in it’s place not sits a blue anodized reinforcement bar with custom tinted headlights being on both sides of the grill. Keeping the weight down, and running the race/street look a bit further, the hood(bonnet) is also carbon fiber. With the owner being a member of the restrictedworkz crew, he decided to give them a shout out, placing their banner on the bottom of the windshield.




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