DeTomaso Pantera LM

The most radical and powerful racers,apart from F1, were the LM racers, especially in the 70s. Very little aero, super light and super powerful, these cars blasted the Mulsanne straight in excess of 400km/h. The most recognizable point of the cars-wide rear wheels and longtail rear ends. The DeTomaso I have done is a tribute… Continue reading DeTomaso Pantera LM


Volvo S40 T5 R design

Volvos aren't generally considered cool cars, because of the safety aspect that surrounds them as has been the go-to point for Volvo from the start. However, as I once said, I like the underdogs and I believe that every car can be made to look good(yes, even the Multipla). A it turns out, the owner… Continue reading Volvo S40 T5 R design

BMW E34 530i

As mentioned once already, 5 series E34 BMWs are something I like, and when an opportunity to help a fellow petrolhead happens, I gladly accepted it. The car is currently under restoration by the guys over at Petrolheads, give them a look, they have some interesting articles. The owner knew exactly what he wanted. Classic… Continue reading BMW E34 530i

Tesla S P90D LS1 supercharged

Electric cars are the future. Something that is already here, so you could say that were living in the future. They are fast,silent and packed with technology, which is, you'll have to admit pretty cool. Yes, for a tech geek or someone who is not a proper petrolhead. Electric has it's benefits, but nothing can… Continue reading Tesla S P90D LS1 supercharged

Honda City Tll

This little Japanese kei car is done for personal pleasure in my usual aggressive style. Looking back in time, small cars always had a certain appeal to me, as I think that everything can be made to look good, so it's a shame there isn't that many people who basically go nuts with anything that's… Continue reading Honda City Tll

Mercedes C63 AMG Hatch

Mercedes has some great estates in their lineup, and with their AMG versions the manage to merge the everyday practicality with top of the line performance. One of those is the C63 AMG wagon, that's powered by the 6.2 liter N/A V8, which is the last N/A c63 AMG, making it a bit special. This… Continue reading Mercedes C63 AMG Hatch

Toyota Brupra

A modern legend. A tuners and Japanese car enthusiast dream. The Toyota Supra. A beast from the factory with unlimited tuning potential. I have seen a lot of variations of it, but only a few with front end swaps(TopSecret and the Evil Empire drift build). In the time of making this one, I was very interested… Continue reading Toyota Brupra

Ford F 1 TT HotRod

Like the Porsche and Viper, this is also an Autemo competition entry. The idea behind this car was to make something different, that's all I'm going to say, no usual intro and that kind of stuff. The car speaks for itself. It features an external mount Garrett twin turbo system with K&N filters mounted to… Continue reading Ford F 1 TT HotRod

Dodge Viper GTS

As with the Porsche, this was also an Autemo competition submission. Last gen Viper is the most aggressive looking one and serves as a good template foe tuning. Even though Vipers are notorious for being nose heavy, because of that huge V10 up front, and overall not so worthy handling, it makes it all up… Continue reading Dodge Viper GTS

Porsche 911 RS

This one was done  for a competition over on Autemo. Even though the 911 hasn't changed it's shape that much since it's birth, which was over 50 years ago, there are differences that make up each model. The 90s 993 series is the last air cooled and last hand built model, which makes it that… Continue reading Porsche 911 RS