: Services :

If you decide want to hire me for some custom work, I offer these services:

  • Digital  renders
    • Intended for people that are planing on doing a build and want to work out different options before spending the money on parts
  • Lineart drawings
    • High detailed blueprint style drawing of either your car or vehicle to your liking
    • Can be combined with digital renders
  • Traditional drawings
    • Paper drawings usually done in graphite on A4, A3 or larger sizes

If you decide on digital renders, you receive the following:

  • Full technical help(if needed)
  • Full design help(if needed)
  • Multiple images of the finished car, consisting of:
    • One high resolution image
    • One wallpaper size image
    • Up to three sizes to your liking

You can also order prints of existing work in various sizes.
For any questions you have, visit the contact page and message me.